Digital calender clock

Supports people with decreased sense of time and memory loss (e.g. dementia).

• Clearly displays time of day and date
• Weather and temperature
• Visual and audio alarms
• Add to calender via 'Clock' or online
• Install it on your 'old' tablet
• No subscription

The basic Clockaid time app is for FREE!
Have a closer look at the different versions or download directly from Google Play or the AppStore.


Choose and buy

Clockaid is available in many different versions, starting with the (free !) model - ‘Time’ - up to the versions that allows for sending messages and calendar items via the internet. All paid versions allow for personalised look and feel. Clockaid All is our all-in-one solution on a 10" tablet complete with Clockaid Cover. Clockaid Apps are available on Google Play Store for android tablets and on Apple App Store for iPads. You can order the product key on this page.

CLOCKAID for Android (4.1 up to and including 7.0) and iPad (iOS 6.0 and higher) 

  • Choose the Clockaid version of your liking and buy the product key that we send you after finishing the ordering process.
  • Download the free Clockaid app on the tablet dedicated to be used for Clockaid from Google Play Store (android) or App Store (iPad).
  • Open the Clockaid app and then click on ‘upgrade’
  • iPad users choose then 'Activate' 
  • Fill out your email address and product-key (serial).


How it works

Clockaid is easy to handle

Users of Clockaid are always up to date.

Clockaid shows the time, day, period of the day, date and season.

Clockaid has an inbuilt alarm function with both a light and an audio option to make sure events are not forgotten.

Messages, tasks, events or appointments can be entered directly into the clock tablet, or via the internet* from any device: PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. (*Internet entry is only available with the ‘Connect’ and ‘All’ models.)

View the MANUAL

Users are notified of events entered into the Clockaid calendar on the relevant day, with further details displayed at the appropriate time.


Clockaid"s background image can be personalised with pictures – such as family photos – to attract more attention. A variety of background colours, styles and font sizes are also available.


Users can enter events and appointments into the Clockaid calendar using the tablet itself, but, in many cases a partner, family member or carer will do this. 


Clockaid is simple to use and requires no special skills. 
Clockaid users only need to look at the tablet-clock.




Clockaid is a solution for many people

Clockaid comes in handy for:
• People with short-term memory problems
• People with circadian rhythm disorders
• People who are confused, restless or insecure

Clockaid is particularly suitable for people with moderate forms of dementia, or those who have suffered a stroke or other incidents impairing the memory and/or the sense of time.

Clockaid is a help for users, for carers and for family. Reoccurring events, such as taking medicine or other daily routines, can be entered long in advance.

Carers or family will in many cases control the calendar, and events can be entered in consultation with the user.

Other areas where Clockaid can be of use:
• Children with ADHD or ADD
• Mentally deficient
• Aphasia or strokes
• Autism

Tablets & Covers


Clockaid recommends a solid stand and cover for the tablet preferably one which hides the buttons from faulty use.
Clockaid Cover is specially developed to serve this goal. It has an attractive and practical design and fits almost all 10 inch tablets.The Clockaid Cover plates have a white side and a side with an attractive print. You decide which side to use. We offer 3 versions: white/black, white/bamboo-print or white/botanic-print.
With the Clockaid Cover the memory clock can be used horizontally or vertically, both standing or hanging. 

The price of the Clockaid Cover is € 39,50 



There are several models of Clockaid Cover available

Dimensions and weight: 
External demensions of the cover are 310 x 225 mm and will fit displays up to 220 x 138 mm.
The weight of the cover is 440 g.











Clockaid: always there to remind you

An increasing number of people experience memory problems, making it harder to keep daily routines and appointments in mind. Reduced time perception, furthermore, makes people insecure about the time of day, day or date. Whatever the issue, it’s difficult for those who suffer, and a challenge for family, friends and carers. Neglected appointments, forgotten medicine intake or midnight phone calls are a burden. Using Post-it notes that are equally easily forgotten doesn’t help either, and most clocks are too small or difficult to read. 

Clockaid is a simple but effective solution to these problems. Our ‘memory clock’ always shows the time, period of day, day of the week and date clearly. It also displays the weather so one can dress accordingly, and provides audio and visual alerts when an events starts.


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Bienvenido a Clockaid.

El reloj de la memoria Clockaid ahora también está disponible en Espanol. Esto significa que toda la información que se muestra en el reloj estará en Espanol. Usted puede comprobar / verlo en la versión libre "Clockaid Time".

Esperamos poder servirle plenamente en su idioma pronto, mientras tanto, el menú de configuración, la página web y manuales permanecen en Inglés.

Esperamos que Clockaid será útil para usted.

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